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Ray Liotta pays tribute to Goodfellas mobster

Jun 13, 2012 | 10:15am EDT

Henry Hill, whose life story inspired Martin Scorsese's classic crime movie, died in Los Angeles on Tuesday (12Jun12) at the age of 69.

Liotta admits he barely knew the former New York gangster-turned-police informant, but he has sent his condolences to Hill's family.

In a statement to, he writes, "Although I played Henry Hill in the movie Goodfellas, I only met him a few short times so I can't say I knew him but I do know he lived a complicated life."

"My heart goes out to his family and may he finally rest in peace."

Hill spent almost 30 years as a member of a New York mafia gang but turned informer following his arrest on drug charges in 1980 and helped police bring down some of the city's most feared mobsters.

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