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The Sounds of the 'Gladiator'?!?

Dec 31, 1899 | 7:00pm EST

It could be the fastest sell-out in the history of Hollywood. Russell Crowe, a member of Hollywood's A-list crowd for all of, um, three-to-four hours (coinciding with today's release of the can't-miss "Gladiator"), announced Thursday that he intends to head into an Austin, Texas, studio this summer to record a rock album.

Yes, in the fine tradition of now-that-I'm-a-star-I-can-sing-too celebrities (i.e., Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson, Patrick Swayze, etc.), Crowe said the working title of his collection is "Bastard Life of Clarity."

To be fair, Crowe has sung before. Since the mid-1990s, he's fronted a band name of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. The gang has toured Australia and played a few stateside gigs.

We're sure he doesn't sound anything like Eddie Murphy.

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