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Fan Boys Mourn 'Nikita'

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

Bad news for a leading babe of the fan-boy world. Reports today say cable's USA has pink-slipped "Nikita," the hourlong action series starring fan-boy goddess Peta Wilson.

And for fans praying for a last-minute recall comes this bad news from the same reports: The show's staff members have been let go. And what's more, the Australian-born Wilson is said to be already working on other projects.

Despite flagging ratings, the Sunday night actioner has enjoyed a steady and devoted following. And as expected, the news of the show's cancellation is not being taken lightly. As one mourning chat room frequenter put it on a "Nikita" newsgroup ( "I'm on mandatory refusal. ..."

"Nikita," which bowed in 1997, was based on the 1990 French flick "La Femme Nikita." Its premise, as was in the original film, revolved around a troubled street youth who is retrained as a lethal hit woman.

According to a USA spokesman, eight more new episodes are slated to run, with the big series finale airing sometime in August.

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