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ROLE CALL: Jim Carrey, Thespian

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

Jim Carrey will not be deterred. No Oscar nomination for "The Truman Show"? No audience for "Man on the Moon"? Bosh. He will show us he can act, dammit! And so comes word today, via the Hollywood trades, that Carrey will star in "Phone Booth," a drama about a guy, a phone booth, a telephone call and a threat. "Batman & Robin" auteur Joel Schumacher will direct, "guerilla-style," no less, Daily Variety tells us. (For those of you unfamiliar with studio-speak, "guerilla-style" likely means you better bring salty crackers to the theater less the shaky, hand-held camera angles upset your tummy.)

"Phone Booth" originally was touted as a Will Smith project. It's now due to go before cameras with Carrey this summer in New York. In keeping with that kooky "guerilla-style," the shoot will last only a matter of weeks. (Just long enough for Jim Carrey to show us he can act, dammit!)

MS. MARVEL: Serious-actress type Christina Ricci ("The Opposite of Sex") will go superhero in "Adrenalin," an action flick about a Russian-made human/cyborg. It's based on the comic-book title of the same name. Ricci will star and co-produce, Variety says.

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