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ROLE CALL: Mork Tinkles the Piano Keys

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

What? Robin Williams playing a flamboyant and outrageous character?

Yep, in what's obviously not-much-of-a-stretch, the seasoned funnyman is going to portray Liberace in a biopic currently in development. Titled "Liberace," the flick will follow the rise of the flaming entertainer's career until his death in 1987.

HEARING VOICES: Variety reports that Alec Baldwin will produce and star in a series of play readings called "City Center Voices! Of the American Theater" in the 2000-01 season at City Center in New York.

DAFOE MORALIZES: Willem Dafoe is likely to star in "Morality Play," a British indie film about a priest on the lam, Variety says.

'PERFECT' MATCH: Jenny McCarthy and Chris Eigeman ("Barcelona") will star in "The Perfect You," a romantic comedy written and directed by sitcom writer Matthew Miller, Daily Variety reports.

'POKE'-MORE: Warner Bros. is planning to release a third 'Pokemon' feature film in the U.S. this Spring. The film, titled "Pocket Monster 3" in Japan, opened in that country last week.

Kevin Kline BRINGING DOWN THE 'HOUSE': Variety says Kevin Kline might play a terminally ill man in the dark comedy "Life as a House." The story concerns the moribund man and his life-long wish to build a house.

'DAMAGE' CONTROL: Italian actress Francesca Neri will play Arnold Schwarzenegger's partner-in-revenge in "Collateral Damage." The film focuses on a man (Schwarzenegger) who teams up with a woman (Neri) to avenge his family's death in a terrorist bombing.

IN THE CAGE: Saturn Pictures, Nicolas Cage's production company, is close to inking a 2-year deal with Intermedia Films, Variety reports. The alliance will put Intermedia in charge of executive production and worldwide distribution of all Saturn films.

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