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ROLE CALL: Secret Agent Banderas

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

Get ready for Antonio Banderas' next assignment. The actor is in talks to star in the action movie "Ecks Vs. Sever," Daily Variety reports.

In the film, Banderas will play Ecks, a covert operative who has an archnemesis named Sever. The two agents must drop their in-fighting and unite to defeat a common enemy.

'DOWN' WITH HARTNETT: War makes heroes, and war flicks make huge movie stars. Josh Hartnett, who just finished shooting the WWII flick "Pearl Harbor," might star in another war project titled "Black Hawk Down," The Hollywood Reporter says. Based on Mark Bowden's 1999 nonfiction novel of the same name, the story is the true tale of the longest sustained battle involving U.S. troops since the Vietnam War.

QUEEN FOREVER: Add one more perk to being the queen of a famous, annual parade: The Reporter says that Sophia Bush, the 2000 Rose Queen, has got her first feature film deal with MGM. The film, "I Want Kandee," is said to be a "Roman Holiday" with teens. Bush is going to play a famous teen singer who longs to be an ordinary kid.

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