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Tarantino's Next Move

Oct 08, 2002 | 5:48am EDT

Quentin Tarantino, once the hottest director around, has reappeared after a long absence from the movie world.

Tarantino’s next project will be the “revenge film,” "Kill Bill," which he is writing and will direct. “Bill” is set as a starring vehicle for Uma Thurman. Tarantino and Thurman are clearing their schedules for a pre-strike production start in the spring, although an official deal has yet to be made, sources said. Tarantino and Thurman worked together on 1994's "Pulp Fiction," for which Tarantino and Roger Avary won an Oscar for original screenplay and Thurman was nominated for supporting actress.

Tarantino has another film in the pipeline--an epic World War II drama for Miramax, but the company would neither confirm the story line nor start date. Thurman’s next film is Merchant/Ivory's "The Golden Bowl," in which she starred. The film is expected to be released early next year.

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