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Academy Releases Oscars Guidelines

Aug 01, 2001 | 11:48am EDT

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released new guidelines limiting the methods in which film companies may campaign for Academy Awards.

Ric Robertson, an Academy executive administrator, said in a press release that the guidelines are similar to last year's, with most of the changes meant to clarify existing rules.

One specific change from last year, though is that a member cannot be sent both a videotape and a DVD of the same motion picture.

The Academy's communications director, John Pavlik, told that the guideline was created for two reasons: It allows studios to send out only one version of a motion picture, and the guideline conveys that the purpose of sending out motion pictures to members is not to build up their movie collections.

Violations of the Academy's guidelines are generally punished by a loss of tickets to the March awards show, although more serious violations could be punished by loss of eligibility for Oscar consideration, according to Robertson.

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