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James Bond Is Angry

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

Actor Pierce Brosnan is angry at Hollywood. And he isn't afraid of letting execs know it.

James Bond is accusing Tinseltown bosses of being lazy and unimaginative, Reuters reports. The verbal assault comes after Hollywood execs decided against releasing Brosnan's latest film, "Gray Owl," in U.S. theaters. Instead, the $28.9 million film is going straight to video. The film will be released in Europe, however.

The English actor and the film's director, Richard Attenborough, say "Gray Owl" was snubbed because it doesn't contain violence and sex. The film is about an Englishman who hides his true identity to live the life of a Canadian Indian. Brosnan is yelling unimaginative because distributors allegedly said they did not know how to market the film.

"It was made for the cinema. It should have been presented in theaters here in America," he told BBC radio in an interview at his Californian beach home in Malibu. "People's sensitivities have been deadened, and I think they backed themselves into a corner in this town called Hollywood," he said.

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