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Sandler Does P.T. Anderson?

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

We don't know what's stranger: Adam Sandler doing a P.T. Anderson-type movie, or P.T. Anderson doing an Adam Sandler-type film.

Either way, the synergy might just happen. Daily Variety says today that the "Little Nicky" supercomic is fielding opportunities for his next project, and one of them is a script which "Magnolia" helmer Anderson specifically wrote with Sandler and actress Emily Watson in mind.

But competing for Sandler's attention right now is another comedy penned by his writing partner, Tim Herlihy. And the funnyman's involvement with either project is likely contingent upon the anticipated actors and writers strike next summer.

But in the meantime, Sandler's latest comedy, "Little Nicky," opens this Friday.

BACK TO 'BASIC': Maybe he is just trying desperately to expand his oeuvre, but sci-fi director David Cronenberg, who has brought us head-scratching tales such as "Naked Lunch," "Videodrome" and "eXistenZ," is apparently eyeing to direct "Basic Instinct 2," Variety reports. Most known for the interrogation scene wherein actress Sharon Stone crosses her legs, the first "Basic Instinct" was directed by Paul Verhoeven in 1992. And as reported earlier in the year, Stone will reprise her role as ice pick killer Catherine Trammell in the sequel.

SIZING UP: Smells like high testosterone. The Hollywood Reporter says that Tom Sizemore might star in "Black Hawk Down" to be directed by Ridley Scott and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Variety says that the war flick is about a group of U.S. soldiers dispatched to Somalia for a mission.

MORE SIZEMORE: Variety also says that Sizemore is concurrently in talks to play gangster Al Capone in "The Road to Perdition" for Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes ("American Beauty").

PLAYING WITH THE BIG KIDS: "Roseanne" alum Johnny Galecki will join big guns Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and Jason Lee in the thriller "Vanilla Sky," Variety says. The film will be helmer Cameron Crowe's follow-up to his critically fave "Almost Famous."

X MAN: Denzel Washington did it once for Spike Lee, and now Mario Van Peebles will do it again for Michael Mann. According to Variety, Van Peebles will come on board the "Ali" biopic as black leader Malcolm X.

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