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'True Blood': Is Tara Even More Annoying as a Vampire?

Jun 25, 2012 | 2:50am EDT

Rutina WesleySpoiler alert: 

Before she was turned into a vampire by Pam, there were practically formal petitions to just kill Tara off of True Blood already

Now that she's a very emotionally conflicted bloodsucker, do you love her or hate her more? 

On last night's episode, Sookie's self-loathing vampire best friend tries to torture herself (or maybe even kill herself?) by baking in a tanning bed. 

Tara's survived vampire attacks, witches and even a pretty grisly gunshot to the head. It's doubtful that a tanning bed will do her in. But tell us what you think: Will Tara actually die? Or will Pam save her? Do you hate her even more now that she's a vampire? 
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