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John Challis calls for closure of children's home

Aug 10, 2012 | 5:00am EDT

The star, who played Boycie in U.K. TV comedy Only Fools And Horses, is urging authorities to take action after his lavish mansion in the village of Adforton, England, was burgled earlier this year (12).

Challis insists the unruly residents of the nearby home have been causing problems since the accommodation was taken over by new management two years ago (10).

He tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "The strength of feeling is very strong. We have been going through this for 10 years. The community has had enough. I understand the need to look after unfortunate young people. It is a very difficult job but this is totally in the wrong place. We've had the children's home here for 10 years but two years ago they didn't know what a mess they were inheriting.

"There have been 19 police call-outs to the home since January. The sight of police cars chasing these runaways around is now a regular occurrence."

A director for the home tells the publication they are planning to compensate Challis for any incidents which have inconvenienced him and his wife Carol, adding that they were unaware of any problems until recently.

A representative tells the publication, "We endeavoured to compensate Mr and Mrs Challis in whatever way we could. February was the first time I was aware of problems within the community."

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