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Gary Dourdan sues bank, files injunction to stop home foreclosure

Aug 17, 2012 | 2:00pm EDT

Bankers at Wells Fargo are set to claim the actor's Venice mansion on 30 August (12) after he fell behind on his payments, but now the 45 year old has made a last-ditch attempt to stop the house from being sold off by accusing financiers of failing to offer him a relief plan.

Dourdan filed papers at Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (16Aug12) and he is asking a judge to stop the seizure of the property, as well as award him compensatory and punitive damages for fraud, negligence and wrongful foreclosure.

He is also seeking the cost of his legal fees, according to

This is the second time Dourdan has sued a financial institution this year (12) - in March (12) he launched a legal battle against executives at Union Bank after making similar claims over the same home.

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