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Ken Kercheval rules out Dallas return for Victoria Principal

Aug 20, 2012 | 7:15am EDT

Fans of the legendary sex-and-scandal drama hoped for a full reunion of the surviving original cast when it relaunched in June (12) after 21 years off air, but they were left disappointed when Principal avoided re-joining the cast.

Veteran Dallas star Patrick Duffy sparked speculation producers were lining up Principal's character for a return by revealing there is an "option" for her to come back - but Kercheval, who plays Cliff Barnes in the show, has now silenced the rumour.

He tells fan website, "Victoria has kind of divested herself with (sic) any kind of association with the show. She has done her own thing with her make-up company and so on.

"I'm sure they have approached her to be involved. I think she was involved in the first Dallas reunion kind of show (2004 documentary Return to Southfork) but since then, no. She has kind of disappeared off the Dallas face."

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