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Matt Smith to remain as Doctor Who

Sep 03, 2012 | 7:15am EDT

The actor has played the lead in the popular sci-fi series since taking over from David Tennant in 2009, but sparked speculation of an impending exit during a recent interview when he suggested the long hours were taking a toll on him.

He told Britain's Empire magazine, "I couldn't do this for seven years. I'd be run into the ground. I don't think you can sustain it... There are no days off unless your leg has fallen off. You see yourself looking slowly more bedraggled. I have aged savagely."

However, head of communications at BBC TV, Sam Hodges, has taken to to insist Smith will be playing the famed time traveller for a "good while" to come.

In a series of posts, he writes, "Matt Smith hasn't quit - just an over excitable headline... He says in an interview that he won't be the Doctor forever - hardly quitting!... It's taken from comments saying he won't be doing it forever. He'll be around for a good while yet."

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