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Suspicious package was warning about Bristol Palin - report

Oct 05, 2012 | 5:00am EDT

Emergency services were called to the studios after the package was found on the lot. Experts insisted the powder was not dangerous, but the item was still sent to a laboratory for further testing.

And now reports the package came with a demand - to remove Palin, the daughter of former U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, from the show.

Sources tells the website a note attached threatened the delivery of a more harmful package if Palin stays on the programme.

Law enforcement officials are treating the situation as a credible threat and have launched an investigation.

It's not the first time Palin has been targeted - a suspicious letter bearing her name and details was sent to the set of Dancing With the Stars when she was a first-time contestant in 2010.

Palin has avoided elimination on the new All-Stars show so far. She and her partner Mark Ballas are still alive after two performances, while Pamela Anderson and singer/entertainer Joey Fatone have been sent home.

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