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Tyra Banks: 'I'm more than ready to have kids'

Oct 16, 2012 | 10:15am EDT

The America's Next Top Model host insists her biological clock is ticking as she nears 40 and she fears she can't wait around to become a mum.

During a TV appearance on U.S. daytime programme The Steve Harvey Show, which will air on Wednesday (17Oct12), she says, "I'm really ready to have some babies. I want babies!

"I've always wanted them, but I've been saying 'I want babies in three years' since I was, like, 27. And now I'm 28. No, I'm 38. I think it's time. (My eggs are) going to be hard-boiled and fried and scrambled up in there, so it's time to get those eggs working!"

Banks hinted she was trying for a baby last year (11) during an interview with CNN presenter Piers Morgan, but she split with her then-boyfriend, businessman John Utendahl, in December (11).

She was briefly linked to rapper Drake after they enjoyed a date at Disneyland, California in May (12), but has been single ever since.

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