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"X-Files" to return - without Duchovny, maybe without Carter

May 18, 2001 | 11:53am EDT

Fox confirmed Thursday that The X-Files, with David Duchovny x'ed out, will be returning to the network for another season. Gillian Anderson, despite her announced reluctance to remain, will do so nonetheless. Chris Carter, the show's creator, executive producer and primary writer, may merely "consult" on the season's scripts. Fox also said that regardless of the outcome of Robert Downey Jr.'s current legal difficulties, he won't be returning to Ally McBeal next season. What will return to the network is a primetime slate of revolving reruns in the 8p.m. half-hour on Wednesdays, including "classic" episodes from The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle and That '70s Show.

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