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Fox pulled a Sony with "Ned Devine"

Jun 20, 2001 | 6:46am EDT

In the wake of last week's revelations that Sony faked reviews and movie fans to tout its movies, Fox has revealed a similar misdeed. The studio used an employee in a TV montage, raving that the hit 1998 movie Waking Ned Devine was "hysterical," Variety reports. Then Fox executive assistant Carol Lipson, who is now employed at Universal Pictures, reportedly appeared in a national TV advertisement posing as a typical moviegoer. Florence Grace, a Fox spokeswoman, said: "No one who works here has any firsthand knowledge of it." Sony has promised to institute a policy preventing such practices from happening in the future. Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, called these incidents "aberrations" which were "stupid and unnecessary."

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