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Chris Tucker worries about possible flops

Aug 02, 2001 | 9:44am EDT

Chris Tucker has acknowledged that he has been exceedingly cautious in accepting new film roles since he hit it big with Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Tucker said, "I looked at a lot of stuff. I didn't really find something that I wanted to do. I really wanted to go to the next level and I didn't want to go backwards." Tucker says that he was worried about following Rush Hour with a flop. "Failure can kill your career. You're not bankable any more. So I try to be cautious." Tucker is set to appear with Chan again in Rush Hour 2, opening on Friday, for which he reportedly received $20 million. Speaking to reporters in Toronto, Tucker said initially that the money didn't really matter to him, then backtracked: "Okay, it do matter! All right, it feels good! I can't believe it! It's incredible! Y'all come on my boat after this!"

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