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Rather won't interview Condit, Hewitt predicts

Aug 08, 2001 | 1:47pm EDT

60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt has dismissed published speculation that California Congressman Gary Condit plans to grant an in-depth television -- and to give it to CBS Evening News, which has barely mentioned his admitted affair with missing intern Chandra Levy. Hewitt told Wednesday's New York Post: "My guess is that he's not going to make himself available, because I don't know what he's got to say." Hewitt also said that if Condit does agree to appear on the Evening News, Dan Rather would not conduct the interview: He told the Post: "Everybody who thinks -- incorrectly -- that Dan was doing anything other than taking the high-road in not reporting that story daily on his newscast would assume that there was a hidden agenda if he were to land the Condit interview." However, Hewitt made it clear that 60 Minutes has been pursuing Condit, "I am waiting for his attorney to call me back," he said, "and if he doesn't already know that 60 Minutes has never pulled its punches, he'll know it when we talk."

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