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Critic reverses himself on "Apes"

Aug 17, 2001 | 12:58pm EDT

In a virtually unheard-of about-face, a major motion picture critic has written a new review of Planet of the Apes, criticizing his original review which acclaimed it. "What was I thinking?" Toronto Star critic Geoff Pevere writes in today's edition, referring to his original four-star rating for the movie. While watching the film a second time with his teenage daughter, he says, he began experiencing regret. "Like [Mark] Wahlberg's space jockey, I started wishing that I, too could slip through a convenient time warp ... and knock my review down a star or so." Pevere goes on to write that his "revisionist viewing" had reminded him "of the rushed judgment this job entails. ... Opportunities to reflect and ruminate, processes which are elementary to good criticism, are rare as white buffalo." Finally, Pevere concludes, "I guess this is my way of saying sorry. I was wrong. Planet of the Apes isn't as good a movie as I first told you it was. ... And if this leaves you wondering how skeptical you should be of any reviews you read produced under the conditions I've outlined ... then at least some good has come of my momentary slip in judgment."

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