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Billy Joel built Springsteen a bike

Apr 15, 2013 | 3:26pm EDT

Billy Joel built his rocking pal Bruce Springsteen a new motorbike after The Boss fell in love with the Piano Man's one-of-a-kind Kawasaki. Joel recalls Springsteen visiting his garage in the middle of winter some years ago and taking his "Sacred Cow" for a ride. In an excerpt from Tom Cotter's new book Rockin' Garages, Joel says, "Bruce is always looking for a character bike. He has one of the new Triumph Bonnevilles, which is a great bike. I told him about our shop, so he came down in the middle of winter. It’s freezing - minus five degrees - and he wants to take out my Sacred Cow bobber. "I said, 'Are you crazy? It’s so cold...' and he had no gear, just a helmet. After a ride, he came back and said, 'I want you to build me that bike.' So he gave us the specs... It started out as a Kawasaki W650." Cotter's new book also features information about and pictures of the bike and car collections of stars like Keith Urban, Sammy Hagar, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and Pink Floyd star Nick Mason.

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