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Peter Dinklage left scarred by punk rock accident

Apr 25, 2013 | 12:34pm EDT

Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage has flashbacks to his punk rock days every time he looks in a mirror - because the scar on his face came from a bloody encounter with a pogo-ing fan. The dwarf actor reveals he was accidentally kneed in the head during a gig at fabled New York club CBGB, but he refused to leave the stage to have his gash attended to. He recalls, "I was in a band called Whizzy for many years in New York... We played a show at CBGB, and I was jumping around onstage and got accidentally kneed in the temple. "I was like Sid Vicious, just bleeding all over the stage. Blood was going everywhere. I just grabbed a dirty bar napkin and dabbed my head and went on with the show. "Now I have a pretty big scar that runs from the my neck to my eyebrow."

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