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Jessica St. Clair following best pal into motherhood

May 31, 2013 | 5:58pm EDT

Bridesmaids star Jessica St. Clair is pregnant with a baby girl. The 35 year old and her husband Dan O'Brien will become parents on 1 October (13) - less than six months after her best friend, actress Lennon Parham, gave birth to a daughter named Saraya. The tot was born on 21 April (13), reports Motherhood isn't the first life experience the pals have gone through together - Parham wed Javier Guzman, in July, 2006, a week before St. Clair exchanged vows with O'Brien. They have also enjoyed a close working relationship, co-creating and co-starring in U.S. TV comedy Best Friends Forever, but the show was cancelled last year (12) after the first season.

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