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DMC star launching comic book imprint

Jul 11, 2013 | 4:54pm EDT

Run-D.M.C. hip-hop pioneer Darryl Mcdaniels is set to launch his own comic book imprint. The It's Tricky star is teaming up with Spider-Man artist Damion Scott and Prince of Cats writer Ronald Wimberly to produce a 48-page graphic novel under his own publishing company, Darryl Makes Comics. The story will focus on a superhero named Darryl, who spends his days fighting crime, and the 49 year old says, "This graphic novel will entertain, educate and inspire all who enter into the DMC universe and empower all cultures the same way I did with my music." Much of the project will be funded by generous fans on, and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, who has been tapped to serve as the firm's editor-in-chief, tells The Source, "We're putting it into the fans hands, just like hip-hop pushed CDs out of trunks. There's no corporate backing behind the comic, we're looking for the fans to (enjoy the comic and) push this for us."

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