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Comedian Jimmy Fallon challenges Prince to ping-pong clash

Jul 14, 2013 | 3:39pm EDT

U.S. comedian Jimmy Fallon has challenged Prince to a table tennis match after the pop superstar changed his mind about a paddle-off with the late night show host earlier this year (13). The funnyman was thrilled when his one-time musical guest's handlers told him that the Purple Rain singer was to take him on at ping-pong because Fallon was convinced he could beat the star. Recalling his near-clash with Prince on his Late Night show on Friday (12Jul13), when the singer's Under the Cherry Moon co-star Kristin Scott Thomas was his guest, Fallon said, "(His people) called and go, 'Prince wants to play ping-pong with you...' I go, 'Look, we'll have ping-pong ready, if Prince wants to play, and we'll play... and I'll beat his a** too.' "They call back and they go, 'Prince wants to play ping-pong with you but not on camera... He just wants to do it for fun, he thinks you'll be fun to play ping-pong with.' "He came on the show and we never played ping-pong, never brought it up... but Prince, if you're out there, I'm ready to play. I've got my paddles ready buddy."

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