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Fisherman's Friends movie in the works

Jul 26, 2013 | 8:24am EDT

The story of British sea shanty group Fisherman's Friends is to be brought to the big screen by Calendar Girls director Nigel Cole. The singers landed a major recording deal in 2010 after they were discovered at a pub in England, and they are poised to release their second album next month (Aug13). However, their story took a tragic twist when bandmember Trevor Grills and tour manager Paul McMullen were killed in a freak accident involving a steel door at a gig venue in February (13). It has now emerged the group will be the focus of a new film by acclaimed director Cole, who insists he is "very much looking forward (to making) a truly British movie". Auditions to cast the roles of the singers will begin later this year (13), according to the BBC.

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