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Kelly Jones injured during booze binge

Aug 26, 2013 | 5:12am EDT

Stereophonics rocker Kelly Jones was wheeled through an airport on a luggage trolley after twisting his ankle during a booze binge in Japan. The Have a Nice Day hitmaker was partying in the Far East but underestimated the strength of the local beer and took a tumble, injuring his leg. His ankle was so painful he could barely walk, so when they arrived at an airport for their flight home, his bandmates used a trolley as a makeshift wheelchair. Jones says, "I foolishly assumed the lager over there wouldn't be that strong because the Japanese are only small. In fact, they're not much bigger than me. As a result, me and Jamie (Morrison), our drummer, ended up extremely drunk. I somehow managed to fall over him and twist my ankle something chronic."

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