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Billy Connolly missed chance of playing soccer with Bob Marley

Sep 02, 2013 | 7:27am EDT

Scottish funnyman Billy Connolly missed out on playing soccer with reggae legend Bob Marley because he was too nervous to meet his hero. Connolly was invited to play a game with Marley while the One Love hitmaker was living in London in the 1970s but he was so shy he failed to turn up for the match - and he has regretted it ever since. He tells BBC Radio Scotland, "I saw the film (Marley) about his demise and it was a shame. He had cancer that started in his toe and he reckoned it was from stubbing it playing football and it getting worse and worse. It meant a lot to me because I was asked to play football with him. "He played for A&M Records and they were short of people on a Sunday. (Musicians) Gallagher and Lyle asked if I wanted to play and I said yes but I never showed up. I was embarrassed, shy and embarrassed. Sometimes I got overcome with shyness."

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