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John Schneider quit racing after pal's high-speed crash

Sep 02, 2013 | 3:13pm EDT

Dukes Of Hazzard star John Schneider quit racing cars after watching a pal flip a BMW at 150 miles (241.4 kilometres) per hour. The actor took his love of racing from the screen to the track after he became a TV star on the beloved 1980s series - but a scare prompted him to walk away from the fast-paced sport. He tells, "I loved racing 10 years ago and then one day I was in a race and I saw the people behind me make a mistake and a beautiful 12 cylinder BMW went upside down at 150 miles an hour in a desert, and, from that moment on, I honestly lost my nerve. "I was hauling the car myself and prepping the car myself, four people look at your tyres and then you're doing 160 in the desert. I finished that race and I didn't realise I lost my nerve until it came time to do the next race and I was hauling my car with a friend and I got about halfway and thought, 'You know, let's go play golf!'"

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