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Chris Hemsworth is a cautious driver

Sep 03, 2013 | 5:12am EDT

Actor Chris Hemsworth was out of his comfort zone playing motor racing ace James Hunt in new movie Rush as he hates driving fast. The Australian heart-throb steps into the Formula 1 legend's shoes in the film, which tells the story of Hunt's track battles with his arch rival Niki Lauda in their 1970s heyday. But the role was a tough one for Hemsworth to pull off - he hates travelling at speed and even urges his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, to slow down when she is at the wheel. Hemsworth tells British magazine Seven, "(Our car) has a babyseat and surfboard in the back, it's a pretty mellow thing. I go, 'Slow down, what's the rush, there's a red light.' She says, 'Shut up, when did you become a driving instructor?'"

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