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Alec Baldwin: 'I have a second chance at fatherhood with Carmen Gabriela'

Sep 04, 2013 | 10:13am EDT

Actor Alec Baldwin is keen to step back from acting and concentrate on family matters after landing a "second chance" at fatherhood with baby daughter Carmen Gabriela. The 30 Rock star's wife Hilaria gave birth to the couple's first child together last month (Aug13) and Baldwin admits he just doesn't find acting important anymore now he's a dad again - and wants to spend more time at home. Showing off his newborn in the pages of People magazine, he says, "Every decision that we both make is about staying home and having a much more family orientated life. Moviemaking and all the attendant travel has lost its allure for me." Baldwin is hoping to be a better dad to his second daughter after admitting things didn't always go as planned the first time around with daughter Ireland Baldwin, because of his bitter custody battle with her mum Kim Basinger. He continues, "I feel like this is really a second chance for me, in a way. I always thought I was a pretty good father. I felt I deserved more time with her (Ireland), and I felt that I could prove I deserved it. "Are there things any one of us would do differently? Of course. But you can't go back. And there's no point in comparing my previous situation with my situation now. I'm a completely different person now than I was then."

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