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Elton John hit with lung and throat infections after appendicitis

Sep 12, 2013 | 4:34am EDT

Sir Elton John struggled to recover from a recent bout of appendicitis as he was struck down with laryngitis and bronchitis in the weeks following his surgery. The Rocket Man superstar cancelled a number of gigs over the summer (13) after doctors diagnosed him with an appendix abscess - a complication stemming from appendicitis. He underwent surgery to treat the condition last month (Aug13) and was back on stage in London on 2 September (13). However, the veteran singer has now revealed his recovery was slowed by a series of lung and throat infections. He tells Britain's The Sun, "I had it (the surgery) done. But then I had laryngitis and now I'm just getting over bronchitis. It's been a summer of 'itises', but now I'm raring to go."

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