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Beyonce & Jay Z's former bodyguard killed after police stand-off

Sep 18, 2013 | 7:59pm EDT

Beyonce and Jay Z have been dragged into a bizarre death case after their former bodyguard was killed following a stand-off with police called to a break-in at a home in Florida. Norman Oosterbroek died last week (ends13Sep13) after cops were forced to Taser him and now it has emerged he allegedly hired a prostitute in Las Vegas while on duty working for Jay Z and his wife. Oosterbroek, who also worked for Lady Gaga among others, was discovered by police, naked and ingesting what appeared to be narcotics, after breaking into a neighbour's home in Miami and physically assaulting him. After being tasered by police, he was pronounced dead a short time later at Baptist Hospital. Now New York Daily News editors have uncovered details about the 43 year old's sordid past, claiming he was fired by Beyonce and Jay Z after they discovered that he had solicited a prostitute while on duty for them in Las Vegas.

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