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Matt Goss: 'I am a healer'

Oct 07, 2013 | 10:07am EDT

British singer Matt Goss suspects he has healing hands after a cancer-hit fan asked for his help and later recovered from the disease. The former Bros star, who is currently a big hit with his Las Vegas residency, remembers his late grandfather lecturing him about his own mysterious powers and urging his grandson to "pursue" it himself. When a seriously ill fan approached the star at the Gossy Room - the Caesar's Palace venue where he performs - he tried out some 'healing' routines and was shocked to later discover the woman was cured. Goss tells U.K. magazine Seven, "(My grandad) was a healer. I do healing. There was a fan that had cancer, and she asked me to give her healing. It was in the Gossy Room and I gave her healing after the show... I'm not saying it's because of me (that she was cured). Maybe a state of mind. But it's something that my grandad told me to pursue and not be ashamed of." Asked if he was concerned his bizarre comments might attract a mocking response from readers, Goss replies, "I couldn't give a s**t."

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