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Gary Barlow's Afghanistan show cut short by military alarm

Oct 31, 2013 | 7:20am EDT

Pop star Gary Barlow's gig for British troops based in Afghanistan was cut short after a military alarm was raised ordering soldiers back to their quarters. The Take That star jetted out to the warzone on Sunday (27Oct13) for a morale-boosting visit, and he mixed with personnel at military base Camp Bastion. He took to a stage on Tuesday (29Oct13) to put on a concert for the troops, but after performing just two songs, his audience was ordered back to the tents after an alarm was raised. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence says, "A performance by Gary Barlow was cut short for operational reasons." The singer went on to play a full show on Wednesday (30Oct13). His trip will be broadcast in a special ITV programme later this year (13).

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