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Woody Harrelson was drunk during Indecent Proposal scene

Nov 05, 2013 | 9:11am EST

Actor Woody Harrelson has revealed he was drunk while shooting a pivotal scene in hit 1993 movie Indecent Proposal. The Hunger Games star was experimenting with method acting, which requires actors to stay in character off-camera, but his plans to play a drunk authentically took a turn for the worse. He says, "There's a scene where I'm supposed to be really smashed (drunk)... and I got smashed. It was the scene where I'm supposed to challenge Robert Redford's character and I was not at my best." Harrelson explains everyone knew he was drunk and his condition adversely affected his acting. He continues, "There are those people that act and they need to be whatever it is, but I find the main thing you need to be is relaxed. "If you're playing something very tense, you need to be relaxed underneath of it. So I wasn't relaxed when I was drunk, I was terrified and I was like, 'There's cameras rolling and I'm smashed, Robert Redford's there'. It was bad."

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