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Olivia Colman confirms her role in Broadchurch sequel

Nov 05, 2013 | 12:35pm EST

Actress Olivia Colman has confirmed reports she will be back as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in the sequel to hit British TV drama Broadchurch. The murder mystery became a huge hit in the U.K. when it debuted earlier this year (13) and it went on to become a cult hit in the U.S. and elsewhere this summer (13). Colman tells the BBC her role is now "set in stone", but she has also confirmed that she will not be joining co-star David Tennant in the planned U.S. TV spin-off, which is scheduled to start filming in January (13). Meanwhile, Broadchurch is being adapted into a novel, according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper. Scriptwriter Chris Chibnall and author Erin Kelly have reportedly teamed up to bring the TV drama to the page.

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