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Linda Gray carries on Hagman's sunset tradition

Nov 08, 2013 | 10:35am EST

Dallas star Linda Gray toasts her late pal Larry Hagman with a glass of champagne at sunset whenever she's at home to witness the end of the day. The actor, who played J.R. Ewing - Gray's former TV husband on the show, passed away a year ago (Nov12) after losing his battle with cancer, and his longtime pal has taken up his penchant for raising a glass to the dipping sun. Gray tells Closer magazine, "Every day at sunset, Larry would do this weird thing - he would raise a glass of champagne as the sun was setting, and he would say, 'Bong! Bong!' and make this sound like he was hitting a gong. "I flew back into Dallas on Larry's birthday (this year). I unpacked a few things, and it was almost sunset. So I ran to the window, told him, 'Happy Birthday', and said, 'Bong! Bong!' I wanted this condo, so that every time I was here at sunset, I could do that and say hello to him."

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