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Daniel Radcliffe spends big on books

Nov 21, 2013 | 5:02am EST

Actor Daniel Radcliffe loves to blow his money on books. The 24 year old has amassed a huge $75 million (£50 million) fortune since shooting to fame as boy wizard Harry Potter in the hugely successful film series, but admits he is conservative when it comes to spending - unless he is in a book shop. He tells Britain's Sky News, "The only time I will spend a wad of cash in one go - and this is going to sound so nerdy - is in bookshops. I've gone out of bookshops with a pile of 15 to 20 books before. It's excessive. "I have this thing in bookshops where if I see this thing that there's a good chance I may never ever see again or sounds interesting then I have to get it. So that's a way of bleeding your money. The only slightly lavish thing that I do sometimes is that I might take all my friends out for a night out. And that's, like, once a year. I'm refreshingly boring."

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