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Dallas stars in DVD tribute to Larry Hagman

Nov 21, 2013 | 8:59am EST

The cast and crew of hit drama series Dallas are to pay tribute to the show's late star Larry Hagman in a series of extra features on an upcoming DVD. Veteran stars of the revamped sex-and-scandal show, including Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, joined new actors Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe to share their memories of Hagman, who died a year ago this week (beg18Nov13). The resulting film, titled Memories of Larry Hagman: A Cast and Crew Tribute, will feature on a special four-disc release of the show's 2013 season. Other extras in the set include a film exploring how Hagman's death - and that of his infamous Dallas character, the backstabbing oil baron J.R. Ewing - was dealt with onscreen, an extended version of the episode showing J.R.'s funeral, and one of Hagman's last ever interviews. Hagman died on 23 November last year (12) after a battle with cancer. The DVD is due for release in February (14).

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