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Mel B shocks gay TV host

Dec 01, 2013 | 1:22pm EST

Former Spice Girls star Mel B heated up a chat with gay U.S. TV host Ross Matthews during a recent interview when she offered to show off her kissing talents. The E! presenter was quizzing the singer about her smooching skills after showing a clip of her new video For Once in My Life, in which she locks lips with herself - and Mel B offered to prove she's an "11 out of 10". Matthews, who is a lifelong Spice Girls superfan, couldn't resist and the two kissed on his Hello Ross! chat show sofa. He then placed his hand on his guest's knee and quoted a line from Katy Perry's breakthrough hit, saying, "You know what, I kissed a girl and I kinda liked it...! I'm feeling something." Mel B then discussed her racy new video and the Mel B-on-Mel B kiss, joking, "Who doesn't wanna make out with themselves on a Friday night (when you're) all dressed up and ready to go." The interview aired on Friday night (29Nov13).

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