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Bolshoi dancer found guilty of acid attack

Dec 03, 2013 | 3:54am EST

Bolshoi Ballet star Pavel Dmitrichenko has been found guilty of plotting a horrific acid attack on the famed dance company's artistic director in January (13). Sergei Filin suffered burns and temporary blindness when a corrosive substance was thrown in his face in an unprovoked incident on a Moscow street. In the Meshchansky District Court in Moscow on Tuesday (03Dec13), the 29-year-old soloist and two co-defendants, Andrei Lipatov and Yuri Zarutsky, were convicted of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Dmitrichenko denied the allegations against him throughout the month-long trial. When Filan took to the stand, he claimed the pair had been involved in a number of backstage bust-ups over artistic differences. A sentence is expected to be read by Judge Yelena Maximova later on Tuesday.

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