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Maureen Tucker remembers Lou Reed

Dec 16, 2013 | 9:37am EST

Lou Reed's former Velvet Underground bandmate Maureen Tucker has reminisced about her relationship with the late rocker in a moving newspaper article. The music legend passed away in October (13) at the age of 71 after a long battle with liver disease, prompting an outpouring of grief among his famous friends and fans. Tucker, who shot to fame as the drummer in Reed's band Velvet Underground, has written about her time with the star in a piece for Britain's The Observer newspaper, reminiscing about meeting him as a teenager when he came to visit her brother. She also detailed the band's first ever gig at a high school in New Jersey in 1965, revealing Reed was secretly pleased when many audience members walked out. Tucker writes of her longtime friend, "Lou had a reputation, for sure. He was tough and he could be grumpy and b**chy... He didn't suffer fools gladly. That's just the way he was, but he was also incredibly encouraging and generous. He was a good friend through everything... It was one of those friendships where it didn't matter if you didn't see each other a lot. We'd meet up after two years or five years and it would be like we'd seen each other last week. As you get older, you come to realise that that kind of friendship is rare, so I miss him a hell of a lot. It's just dawning on me that he's not out there any more." She goes on to reveal Reed's death came as a complete shock as she was convinced he was bouncing back to good health after undergoing a liver transplant, adding, "With Lou, I had no idea how ill he was. I knew he'd had the liver transplant and he probably wouldn't be his old self, but I really wasn't prepared for the news. It was hard. It is hard... I really miss Lou. He was a great songwriter... but more importantly, he was a good and loyal friend. It doesn't seem right that I won't be sending him a Christmas card."

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