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Romania's Radu Beligan named world's oldest actor

Dec 16, 2013 | 7:43am EST

Romanian screen veteran Radu Beligan has been named the world's oldest working actor. The star was granted the title by Guinness World Records officials on Sunday (15Dec13), a day after his 95th birthday. He marked his big day on Saturday (14Dec13) by performing in a Romanian play at a theatre in Bucharest, while a monument bearing his name was unveiled at a special ceremony in the city attended by Mayor Sorin Oprescu, who hailed Beligan as a national treasure and wished him a happy birthday. Beligan, who has been a regular in the country's film and TV industry over the years, was back on stage the following day (15Dec13) taking part in a play at the city's National Theatre when he was handed his certificate from Guinness World Records.

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