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Leslie Phillips axed honeymoon over cancer fears

Dec 22, 2013 | 6:40am EST

British actor Leslie Phillips has cancelled his honeymoon after doctors booked him in for surgery to remove a growth from his nose. The Carry On star, 89, married social worker Zara Carr in London on Friday (20Dec13) but has now revealed their post-wedding vacation was called off so medics could investigate a large facial lump. Phillips is preparing to undergo surgery to remove the growth, but is relieved after medics discovered it to be non-cancerous. He tells Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper, "We won't be going straight away because I'll be in hospital. I have to get this thing removed. Thank God, it isn't cancer. It just looks rather awful at the moment but I am getting that sorted. We have been for all the appointments and the next part will be in a couple of weeks." The couple will jet off for a sunshine break in Ibiza, Spain after the operation. He adds, "I own a house in Ibiza where we will go. That will be the honeymoon really."

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