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David Bowie heaps praise on newcomer Lorde

Jan 05, 2014 | 9:50pm EST

Rock legend David Bowie has shown his support for teen artist Lorde, hailing her as the future of music. The 17-year-old New Zealander has been lauded by critics and pop fans alike since she was catapulted to fame last year (13) following the release of her hit song Royals. And Lorde reveals she received the seal of approval by rock royalty Bowie following a recent meeting with the reclusive Brit. In an interview with Rookie magazine, she recalls, "Meeting David Bowie was like seeing my life come full circle. To have someone like that tell you that listening to you felt like listening to tomorrow. "I was like... I could creatively die and just be happy forever. I never tell anyone about that experience, because it meant so much to me, and I feel like it would be dulled or something if I always talked about it in magazines or whatever. It’s my special thing."

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