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Kate Moss toasted 40th with tennis and swimming

Jan 31, 2014 | 4:15am EST

Supermodel Kate Moss took a break from her wild 40th birthday celebrations for a bit of healthy living - she played tennis and went swimming in between parties, according to her best friend Sadie Frost. The British beauty enjoyed a wild, five-day celebration when she reached the milestone earlier this month (Jan14) but actress-turned-fashion-designer Frost insists Moss spent a lot of her time exercising and relaxing. She tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Kate's party was a lot of fun. I went for the whole five days from beginning to end. We all played a lot of tennis and did healthy stuff - went in the pool, played tennis, went for walks. It was just a really recreational holiday, which was nice. "It was opposite to the image. People paint a picture about things and it's often wrong. I came away feeling refreshed." Moss headed to Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island with her family and friends in the run-up to her big day, and when she returned to the U.K. she hosted dinner at a restaurant in London's Mayfair, where guests including supermodel Naomi Campbell helped to rack up an $8,000 (£5,000) bill. They later continued the party at the Dorchester hotel.

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