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Passenger: 'I think I may have upset Cher with song lyrics'

Feb 02, 2014 | 2:47pm EST

British singer/songwriter Passenger hopes Cher will forgive him for his blistering attack on her in the lyrics of his new song I Hate. The newcomer, real name Mike Rosenberg, took aim at the pop superstar while writing the song, claiming her face "looks like it's been hit by a truck" - and the words stuck. Now, Passenger insists he was just in a terrible mood when he penned the lyrics in the back of a really hot bus while touring in Australia - and he doesn't want Cher to take his attack too seriously. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "It was just harmless p**s-taking, really... Some people have gotten really offended with that line. "I have nothing against Cher. I think she's amazing. But it was funny!"

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